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Additional Services- The T Package- Metro Boston, MA (not covered by insurance but, may be covered out of network)

The T Package includes the following, total 2 hours:

  • T for Two – 30 minutes
    • 2 options-pick the one that is best for you:
      • Walk & Talk- a 30 minute walk to discuss your health and nutrition goals
      • T at the Table- a 30 minute discussion at your table to discuss health and nutrition goals
  • T Spree – 45 minutes
    • We take a trip to your grocery store with my grocery list modified to your preferences- a great live learning experience
  • T-licious – 45 minutes
    • We prepare a delicious meal to set you up for success using foods you like!

FOLLOW UP VISITS For BEST RESULTS, 6 follow up visits are recommended. Buy 6 and get 20% off PLUS a weekly telephone call.

See “A La Carte” for additional services.

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