Frustrated with trying to lose weight? Feeling tired, confused, overwhelmed, brain fog or want to get off medications? Need to lower your blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol? Hungry all the time? Are you unsure of your food choices? Do you feel pressure from family and friends to be healthier? Do you want to feel better in your clothes? Are you suffering from GI distress?

These are some of the reasons clients work with me.

By providing education, tips & tricks, tracking tools, regular check-ins and simple meal plans, I help clients regain control, eat healthier and boost confidence and get results-reduce weight, blood sugar, medications, have more energy, solve GI issues, sleep better and have more time for self-care to do the things you enjoy.

In working with me, you get two for one! I’m a licensed nutritionist and certified personal trainer and health coach. You’ve come to the right place!

Tracy hosted a cable TV show on many topics including cooking demonstrations-to watch: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracyyemma/

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By reading nutrition labels, discussing food trends, sharing cooking and snacking tips and explaining fad diets, Tracy will help you with your goals. Plant based? Mediterranean? Keto? She specializes in helping people feel better, by taking off some pounds, reducing blood pressure/blood sugar, adding body movement or gaining knowledge to slow down the aging process. She has worked with clients with diabetes, high blood pressure/cholesterol or heart disease, struggles with eating (e.g. emotional eating) and more, to get RESULTS.

Tracy received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with a Minor in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and did a one-year internship at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA. Her master’s is in Nutrition from the University of New Haven.

Tracy is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the MA Dietetic Association and is a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist* in the state of MA (#979). *All Dietitians have to pass a National Exam & complete 75 continuing education credits (“CEUs”) every 5 years, with at least 1 in ETHICS, and adhere to a code of conduct.

Tracy is also a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Council on Strength and Fitness (“NCSF”) with a certificate in Sports Nutrition with NCSF.

MISSION: To help YOU reach YOUR goals.
VALUES: Acting ethically and treating you with dignity. Your trust and my integrity mean the most to me.

VISION: Meeting you where you are at to reach YOUR goals!

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