A La Carte Services-Metro Boston and beyond

  • STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: Start with The T Life Package plus 6 follow ups. (SEE The T Package page.)
  • A La Carte T for Two 60 minutes
  • Whenever you need a refresher or accountability to reach your goals. Walk & Talk or, T at the Table, your choice.
  • A La Cart T-spree 90 minutes including travel time
    • If making healthy choices at the grocery store intimidates you, this is for you!
    • Let’s go shopping!  I will meet you at your house, we will go to your grocery store with my grocery list to include your preferred foods to aid in reading food labels, decipher the ‘hype’ on food labels, and, gain true value for your money.
  • A La Carte T-licious 60 minutes
    • Need help with preparing and creating healthy meals? Feel intimidated in the kitchen? This is the perfect way to overcome your fears!  We meet at your house to cook to set you up for long term success! 
  • T-Fab! 90 minutes including travel time
    • Are you intimidated by the gym? Need accountability to get there? Let’s work together to overcome any inhibitions, fears or anxieties.  Whether your goal is to become a regular gym ‘rat’ or see the gym as a means to an end, I will help you get results without 2-hour workouts or a ‘no pain no gain’ mentality!
  • Telehealth Consults- 60 minutes
  • For In Person & Virtual Services outside of Metro Boston:
  • For those seeking a nutritionist/Registered Dietitian virtually, we meet on your computer, tablet or phone. You must have a camera option for me to best help you.
  • MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP if interested contact us. Membership to private weekly support group meeting, unlimited email access, up to 2 scheduled 15 minute phone calls per week to trouble shoot challenges or break through barriers and a monthly webinar on timely topic including a free worksheet with each webinar.

FREE handout: Weight LossWhat Works? To be sent asap!

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